artificial turf

GreenFields Evolution fields combine the benefits of incredible wear resistance with a natural looking appearance, so it plays well and looks great for years to come.

Our new updated product offers the best in class performance with outstanding playability and extreme resilience for high utilisation pitches. The improved fibres based on a patented rhomboid shape remain upright giving consistent playing performance. When compressed the fibres twist rather than bending, meaning they continue to bounce back upright, even after extended Lisport testing.

GreenFields Evolution is available intwo options, Pro and Elite; the Elite option offering a higher fibre thickness for extra strength and coverage.

GreenFields Evolution is perfect for amateur to professional clubs looking for the best performance from a tufted sports product with the reassurance of FIFA certifications.


  • High resilience proven by excellent test results
  • Natural appearance due to the patented rhomboid shape
  • Robust evolution yarn ideal for high utilisation pitches
  • Strong durability and outstanding split resistance
  • greenfield evolution