sub-surface drainage

VersiCell® is a lightweight, high strength modular drainage cell designed primarily for sub-surface drainage, and to form tanks for underground stormwater infiltration or storage.

VersiCell® is manufactured from high strength polypropylene and used in the construction of roof gardens, plaza decks, basements, pond filtration systems, concealed drains, pre-cast and in situ drains and sports fields.

VersiCell® when installed between roof decks and pavers or ballast, VersiCell® drainage cells reduce sound transmission and increase heat insulation.

VersiCell® is designed to withstand loads imposed by mechanical equipment such as bob-cats.

Available in 30 mm high modules, VersiCell® modules interlock in the same plane, at right angles to one another, or may be butted together.


  • Landscape decks & planter boxes
  • Plaza decks, balconies & pool sides
  • Sports fields & golf courses


  • Interlocking cellular drainage modules
  • Compressive strength of at least 100 tonne/m2
  • Can accommodate both static and dynamic loads during and after installation