modular roadway system

TrackGard® is a robust portable flooring for temporary access and ground protection over grass, sand, gravel, mud, asphalt or other unstable surfaces. It can be installed quickly to provide a firm support base for large vehicles and equipment. It is suitable for most rigorous large-scale events ranging from concerts to military and civilian projects.

TrackGard® is ideal for use at stadiums, parks, race courses for ground protection as well as at construction sites and by the military for ground surface stabilization.

The hexagonal TrackGard® design allows adjacent tiles to interlock on six sides to provide excellent strength for heavy moving loads.


  • Stadiums and sports fields
  • Parks
  • Race courses
  • Field hospitals and shelters
  • Access roads
  • Maintenance areas


• The perfect solution for portable flooring, temporary roads and ground protection
• Has a robust construction ideal for large vehicles and equipment
• Made from UV-stabilized thermoplastic for additional durability
• Hexagonal design has excellent strength as adjacent tiles support each other on six sides
• Easily installed and removed by unskilled labour