artificial turf

TigerTurf designs and manufactures ultra-realistic synthetic lawns to create beautiful outdoor spaces.

TigerTurf offers a complete range of grass products to suit all landscaping requirements. All are visually stunning, creating outdoor spaces that are realistic, comfortable and safe for children and pets.

TigerTurf has tested its products to certify they are free of harmful materials and has passed the strict criteria test of “EN71-3” under the regulation of Toy Safety Classification.

Lasting for many years, the durable TigerTurf lawn will save on the cost of water, fertiliser and purchasing and
operating a lawn mower. There are noexpensive fertilisers and weed killers to buy and fewer pollutants affecting the environment.

TigerTurf also offer those who suffer from seasonal allergies the chance to relax outdoors on a pollen-free lawn.


• No watering
• No mowing
• As Safe as a Toy – EN71-3*
• No allergy-causing grass seeds and cuttings
• No fertiliser used
• Lush and green 365 days a year
• Looks and feels like the real thing
• Constructed with good drainage to dry out quickly
• Child friendly
• Pet friendly
• UV stabilised to minimise fading


TigerTurf General Brochure

TigerTurf Specification Sheet:
Panorama 25
Panorama 35
Panorama Deluxe 25
Panorama Deluxe 35
Sierra 25
Sierra 35
Sierra Deluxe 25
Seirra Deluxe 35