stormwater management

VersiTank® is a heavy duty plastic module that allows for either sub-surface infiltration or onsite storage tank.

VersiTank® stormwater tanks provide an efficient at-source management system for rainwater from roofs and other impermeable surfaces such as parking areas, driveways, playgrounds and sports fields.

VersiTank® stormwater tanks are available in several sizes and load-bearing capacities catering for the requirement of individual houses up to the largest commercial and industrial developments in Singapore. The load-bearing capacity of each type may be increased with the use of additional proprietary “stabilisers”.

VersiTank® modules are easily assembled on site by clipping together lightweight, high strength interlocking panels. Assembled units can be interlocked both vertically and horizontally thereby ensuring the system remains stable under trafficable or high weight bearing load areas.

VersiTank® is a heavy duty plastic module that can be used as a void filler within planter boxes.

VersiTank® ideal for infiltration tanks, onsite detention tanks or onsite retention tanks

PUB, Singapore’s National Water Agency has developed a set of technical guidelines to provide guidance to Qualified Persons on the design of detention tanks to manage peak runoff.


  • Residential homes
  • Parking areas and driveways
  • Playgrounds
  • Sports fields


  • High strength modules that allow use under trafficable areas
  • Small apertures in panels that minimise the risk of compacted soil and stones rupturing geotextile
  • Fewer tanks per unit volume compared to most other systems
  • Versitank