GT Aluminium JOIST

GT® Aluminium Joist is developed for use with VersiJack® height-adjustable
pedestals to create a substructure for raised paving system.
It allows for an increased level of versatility and stability in the arrangement of floor pavers.

GT® Aluminium Joist allows easy accessibility to waterproofing membranes and concealed services without affecting the alignment of the floor caused by improper handling during routine maintenance. An array of engineered accessories allows virtually unlimited configurations to secure the flooring seamlessly, to achieve the desired design and allow full edge support for pavers.

The joists are typically laid in a chequered arrangement to support the pavers on pedestals. They are first laid parallel to each other and locked to the pedestals using Joist Adaptors. Additional joists are laid perpendicularly and secured to the parallel joists using Perpendicular Joist Joiners.

Where required, joists are joined to each other in a straight line or at varying angles with stainless steel Side Joist Joiners to construct non-rectangular floor designs.

Thermoplastic pad on the top surface of the joists provide sound and vibration dampening as well as minimize movement of pavers.

For complete installation, proprietary Joist Spacer Tabs, Side/End Wall Spacers, and End Restrainers should also be employed.

Aluminium Joist